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We are trying something different … something we feel strongly about and is close to our hearts. Giving back to the community with MUSIC! 


A Concert for a Cause
April 30 at 3 PM at Highland Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA

Our Art Director, Chris Ruch, suggested making Milagro House the recipient of the benefit concert. Milagro House, (translated, means Miracle House), is a refuge for women and children experiencing homelessness here in Lancaster County. This organization struck home with Silver, Wood & Ivory … women helping women! Especially because we got a very excited “yes!” from Milagro’s Executive Director, Gail Rittenhouse when we called her to propose the idea.

Tracy and Cindy will provide the music, Chris will provide the art, and Suzanne will be organizing the much needed event sponsors.

SO … what can YOU do?

1) Plan to come to the concert … and invite a friend (or several)!

2) Become an event sponsor: help us cover the costs, so this can remain a free event! We will promote your business/organization online and in our promotional materials. Program ad sizes & rates are available by clicking this link or by contacting Suzanne Elliot: (615) 785-3770 / email.

3) Make a donation: even if you cannot attend the event, you can still make a difference in the lives of homeless mothers and children by making a contribution directly to Milagro House.


Meet Tracy Deitrich and Cindy Wittenberg. Two women, 19 flutes and recorders, piano and celtic harp. This classically trained, musical duo, both with music performance degrees and each with over 30 years of teaching background, have combined their musical talents and skills to create Silver, Wood & Ivory. Tracy uses her perfect pitch to play an impressive array of flutes and recorders layered in beautiful harmonies on their recordings. She also amazes her audiences with her ability to go from instrument to instrument to create a dynamic to live performance rarely if ever seen. She makes it look easy as she plays without reading music and really connects with her listeners. Cindy lays the foundation to their performances and recordings with her absolutely original arrangements and stunning live performance abilities. Whether it’s piano, electric keyboards or celtic harp, she thrills with her talent and creativity and never fails to impress. Fourteen albums later and a multitude of performances, SWI has delighted audiences with their soothing, healing melodies and original arrangements of familiar songs and completely new compositions. They have held private and public concerts in their home base of Lititz and all the way up and down the East Coast all the while, building a loyal and very enthusiastic audience base, their Dinner Concerts being a particular favorite locally. The demand from their audience has led them to make their music available on such outlets as Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, CD Baby and many others.

Tracy and Cindy have thought for years about finding a way to give back to the community and help people in need. They have chosen Milagro House in Lancaster, PA as the recipient of their desire to impact positively the lives of women and children here in Lancaster County. Because they are both mothers themselves, they feel empathy for those who seek help from this local community based organization. What better way to show support than to lend their talents to benefit women and children who need support to get back on their feet and feel confident out in the world. Both Tracy and Cindy have a long history of reaching out to people in need with their music. From Tracy’s training as a Hospice volunteer at Moravian Manor in Lititz to Cindy’s monthly two hour performances in lobby of the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Cancer Center and in the Infusion Therapy Center, they have come to know the healing power of their music.

Tracy has become a favorite at Moravian by playing her flute for the patients who respond in a powerfully positive way to hearing their favorite songs played for them. Cindy’s performances, also, have cheered and enlivened patients and staff alike at Hershey Hospital. From the constant feedback they have both received for the past 17 years, they have come to realize that Silver, Wood & Ivory’s music has the effect of healing to the soul level, brightening lives and connecting people in magical ways.

The mission of Milagro House is to provide education, housing and counseling for women and their children experiencing homelessness.  Serving the Lancaster Community since 1998 , the  vision is to move homeless mothers from dependency to self-sufficiency by giving them the tools to support themselves and their children.  Research clearly shows that educational attainment is an integral part of self-sufficiency which is why the program is built around this overarching focus.  This educational approach is unique and the ONLY program in the community that offers homeless mothers the opportunity to further their education.

For women who have not completed their high school education, they attend the Milagro House Education Center where they receive individualized instruction by a certified teacher, as well as dedicated volunteers, who work one on one with each woman to teach her the skills she needs to know to successfully pass the GED subject tests.   When a woman is  ready to began taking  the five subject tests, she can do so onsite also with the cost fully underwritten by Milagro House.

If a woman already has her diploma or GED when she is accepted into our program, then she works with the Director of Education on a post-secondary education plan.  The post-secondary plan includes interest and aptitude testing, college visits, all admission paperwork including financial aid applications as well as assistance in course selection. Milagro House has relationships with all area schools and work with the women to choose careers that balance their academic strengths with their passion and their need to earn enough money to support their families.

In order to allow the women in our program to fully focus on their education, Milagro House provides housing for the women and their children while they are pursuing their education.  This unique aspect of our program is an integral piece to the overall ability of our women to succeed educationally.  By meeting the most basic needs of housing, safety and stability, we allow the women to focus on their own growth and development knowing that their most basic needs are being met.

Milagro House also offers intensive case management, onsite counseling and onsite parenting.    Additionally, they have a partnership with an area driving school to assist the women in obtaining their drivers license and a car. When the women have completed their education, Milagro House has employment  partnerships designed to allow the women a direct pipeline to the interview process and the best possible opportunity for successful employment.  To address the needs of the children, Milagro House has a volunteer Children’s Health Liaison who conducts developmental assessments on every child to uncover and address any developmental needs and then works with their mothers to link them with the appropriate services.   When a woman is educated, has a job and is ready to be on her own, she is moved back into the community in her own apartment.

Milagro House accepts no government funding so as to remain pure to the mission and operate the successful program free from governmental ties.  Instead the needed operational dollars are raised through the support of the Lancaster Community.