On May 30, 2017, Harmony Harp, a Celtic 38 String Lever Harp was delivered by Federal Express to Silver, Wood & Ivory.  Weighing only 10 pounds, she was made by Heartland Harps and is made of high tech carbon fiber, extremely lightweight and even waterproof. Perfect, if we should choose, for an underwater futuristic SWI CD (Under the Sea, Ol’ Man River, Wade in the Water, Smoke on the Water, Jaws, Cry Me a River, Yellow Submarine, Splish Splash, Rubber Duckie,  etc.)

Carbon fiber has been used for tennis rackets, bikes, wind turbines, aircraft, high performance vehicles, and spacecraft. Carbon fibers are twice as stiff as steel and five times as strong as steel. They are highly chemically resistant and have high-temperature tolerance with low thermal expansion. Holly would be so jealous, rest her soul.

Although Holly was hand painted with beautiful florals, Harmony is graced with amazing lighting but she can be very moody depending on her aura that moment. A remote allows the colors and patterns to change at the click of a button and since Cindy plays the harp, you know whose hands that’ll be in.

Our special thanks for Dave Woodworth, Asheville, NC for the design and creation of our new, beautiful hi-tech instrument. We are harpless no more. Yea!