Meet Suzanne Elliot, Production Coordinator

Hello Silver Wood and Ivory Fans!

I’d like to introduce myself and give you a little history leading me to be part of the SWI team.

My name is Suzanne Elliot. This story begins in 1968 when Tracy and I met in kindergarten. There may have been a little disagreement over who should get to play with a certain plastic giraffe we both had our sites on. Since then we have gotten along splendidly, sharing high school adventures and  staying in contact over the miles and years.

While Tracy was studying Music and Performance, I was earning my Communication Design degree from Kutztown University.  Shortly following College, I moved to Wilmington, DE to marry my college boyfriend and start a band with him, along with his two brothers. (Because that’s what you do with an Art degree, right?) We relocated the band to Chapel Hill, NC joining a thriving music scene. I managed and booked our group for 10 years, for the most part, with a little help towards the end to get us a Minor Label record deal. The break up followed, (both personally and professionally), as it often does about this time in musical careers. That’s Rock and Roll folks!

In 1997, I found myself single and, once again, serving in a restaurant. I was making my living the same way that I put myself through college. In 2004, I took a two year hiatus from serving into the world of Human Resources, It was a leap of faith to follow a friend to Nashville, TN. for a career change. During this time, I learned a lot about HR, including how much I did not enjoy the field or working in an office.

I lived Music City USA for 11 years, once again, doing short performances for my guests as I served them lovely food and beverages. I sharpened my people skills and sales abilities as I increased the level of fine dining.  All the while, a strong pull to return to Lancaster County and to be home again was taking root. I made the move in 2015.

Tracy and I picked up where we left off as friends and noticed that we shared so much in common even as we were apart.  She introduced me to Cindy Wittenberg and we thought, “This feels right.”


About the Author:

Suzanne Elliot: Production Coordinator for Silver, Wood & Ivory • (615) 785-3770 • EMAIL